1. J.P. Bimeni
    London, UK
  2. Wild Honey
    Madrid, Spain
  3. Casbah 73
    Madrid, Spain
  4. Chip Wickham
    Madrid, Spain
  5. Ramirez Exposure
    Valencia, Spain
  6. Bart Davenport
    Los Angeles, California
  7. Incarnations
  8. Perlita
    Cádiz, Spain
  9. Forastero
    Madrid, Spain
  10. Quinn Lamont Luke fka Bing Ji Ling
    New York
  11. Alex Rocks
    Madrid, Spain
  12. The SilverBacks
    Madrid, Spain
  13. The Downtown Alligators
    Madrid, Spain
  14. Outer Space
    Barcelona, Spain
  15. Lost Twin
    Seville, Spain


Lovemonk Madrid, Spain

Lovemonk is a small but very sunny and eclectic label from Madrid. Everything fits under the motto, “Discos Buenos."

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